Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Again, I say; weekends are rough. It's really hard to balance the freedom, fun, and diet.

This past weekend was my birthday and my girlfriend Sara and I took a drive to Western Mass. and camped. It was great and we went CR prepared (minus the bottle of rum). I packed marinated chicken breast for grilling, fresh cut veggies for snacking, black beans, salsa, eggs, whole wheat pasta salad. I had it planned.

However, it was our first camping experience together and our equipment was kind of thrown together last minute. We weren't able to make coffee until 10pm, the second night of the trip. We couldn't grill because we left our perfect little grill at home (Honda accord = not much room) and the grill the camp site provided was just not usable for anything other than a fire pit. Dirty disgusting grates that were too thick to heat even a pan.

So, we ate out. Dinner our first night there was snacky foods we packed. Breakfast and lunch the next day were ate at local restaurants in NoHo. Of course being my birthday, I figured I deserved pancakes and sushi (not at the same sitting of course). Dinner our last night there, again was snacks featuring some super goat cheese we picked up at the local farmers market.

I haven't even added all the data into the CROM. Not because I am scared, but I just didn't document or keep track. Oh did I mention the cupcake and candy I ate?

Again, weekends are rough for me.

This week, I am focusing on learning more about animal proteins. As I do not have a lot of extra time on hand for reading, I am still slowly making my way through "Food Politics". One thing that sticks out to me the most so far is the danger of animal proteins and I normally eat alot.

So far (as in this is only Tuesday) I have cut down to animal proteins (other than yogurt and cheese) to once a day. Here's today's summary;

1 whole egg
3 egg whites
1 tbsp FF ricotta
2 tbsp salsa

1/4 cup almonds

Veggie wrap from Subway (I planned and brought something else, but there is always an excuse...)
85 grams carrots
2 tbsp hummus

1 cup pop corn (could have easily done without)

Baked potato
1 Serving cabbage soup (cabbage, black beans and tomato)
1 serving mashed cauliflower

Now, this animal protein thing is kind of rocking my boat. I can easily eat a lot of food and not have as many calories. However, my protein is low and my carbs are high. I can see ways to improve on that (stick with the soup I packed for lunch, no pop corn, etc.), but adding the protein is where I am having trouble.

I could easily add more cheese and yogurt, but isn't that still considered animal protein? Even the veggies that are highest in protein, you would have to eat tons of it to meet my old targets. Beans are good, but just as carby.

My old goals were 130 grams of carbs and 120 grams of protein. I can get in the 90's with proteins eating like this, but the carbs are now around 160.

Does anyone else know anything about animal proteins. How many carbs are too many? What's too much or not enough protein?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Weekends are hard for me. Especially when my girlfriend visits from Boston. It has nothing to do with her, because when we are together in Boston, we eat a good well balanced, calorie aware diet. I think it's my apartment.

My apartment has a lot of great qualities, one of which is not space. I do live in Brooklyn. My bedroom is spacious and my kitchen is kind of a walk through between two bedrooms. No living room or lounge space. Therefore, we spend a lot of time out of the apartment and eating most meals out, which we all know is horrible when attempting to restrict calories.

Her apartment is a home. Spacious, full kitchen, dining room, living room, back porch, no furniture (lol). There we cook a lot. Breakfast, lunch , and most dinners, eating out just some of the time.

I hate New York. Okay, I don't hate it. I would die without it, I am sure. Still, I am aggravated with New York at the moment.

So this weekend, my calories were way off the charts. Luckily, I tracked properly and I know I averaged around 2300 per day. (Again, eating out sucks!) I can at least be thankful for the data and the knowledge I have gained through the beginning of this experience.

This week is a busy one. Lot's of extra, pro bono projects at work, trying to maintain work out schedule, eat properly, and I am leaving Thursday to go camping for my birthday! I am not a camping regular, so I am gathering supplies, making list, plans, etc. Loads of fun, but lots of extra work to squeeze in this week.

I am excited. Sara (g/f) and I have planned out our menus, bought most of our food supplies and have a great plan for healthy eating, a little cocktail sipping, and lots of fun exercise like activities. APPLE PICKING!

Pabst (the dog) is super stoked too. I can tell you. You know, we communicate. He loves the outdoors! Swimming, hiking, adventuring around! Keep you posted!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


My favorite April post :


"3. Cut out all grains. No bagels, pasta, rice, etc. Just stop. Stop putting sugar in your coffee -- if you must have something sweet, use Splenda. If you are addicted to chocolate, find the most expensive, fabulous chocolate you can afford, and eat a small piece when you really, really want it. Count the calories and enter them into your nutritional software."

I am not sure why I have been so reluctant lately to take this step. I guess looking at my CRON, I can easily fit in a couple slices a day on my easy, out the door sandwiches for lunch packing. But when you really take a good look, a closer look the bread just doesn't fit.

My macro nutrient levels are all off and my cravings reflect that. Last night's craving; ice cream. I don't have enough room in my diet to eat the food that I need to get 100% of all my vitamins and minerals, etc.

I have to get back to eating protein and veggie lunches only and leave the carbs for "special occasions" only.

So, here's my pledge;

No bread, pasta, rice, chips (anything carb gaky) for the next two weeks.

Okay; small goal, but I think smart. Not too overwhelming and easily achievable.

So tonight is soup night. I am thinking something like south west chicken. I have some tomatoes some chicken breast, some fire roasted corn, maybe black beans (although a bit carby, at least not from grains and still high in protein).

Hey whatever happened to everyone posting recipes? You guys probably have been doing it and I am just behind. Anyways, I will post full recipe and opinion on taste later. Any other non grain (other than salad) lunch packing ideas out there?

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Thought I would share my weekly averages, as I actually tracked my intake daily and exercise (big step for me FYI and it feels great!)

So here ya go;

Average daily calories :1939
protein: 109 grams
fat: 72 grams
carbs: 222 grams
fiber: 31

89% Vitamins

low on folate, C, D, E

93% Minerals

low on iron and potassium

96% lipids

107% saturated
82% Omega 3
119 Omega 6
141% Cholesterol

Last winter when I was successfully practicing CR, I was averaging around 1600-1700 calories per day and I was much more disciplined. I certainly had my bad snack moments, but my "quotation diet" was perfect and I am having trouble getting back to that. However, I think doing these weekly summaries will mean so much more than just looking at individual days. Eventually, the monthly reports will be what I will reflect and analyze the most.

Now, here's what I personally have learned from this;

1. No more whole eggs (my girlfriend suggest weekends only), egg whites!
2. More VEGGIES!!!
3. Alcohol being virtually eliminated has helped and I will continue with that.

What do you guys see? Any warning signs? Also, how do you all feel about replacing my whole eggs in the morning with oatmeal and a little yogurt. I did that today and I was hungrier than normal earlier, but my hunger didn't last throughout the day. If anything, I am way lower with my calorie totals then I normally would be.

Also; working out. My basic routine over the last week has been one hour in the morning on the elliptical machine, level 15, burning on average 650 calories (or that's what the machine says at least). This week I will be incorporating some strength training as well. I am guessing to make my rounds on the machines at the gym, about another half hour of work.

Since I go to the gym in the morning, I was thinking of bringing back my old 15 yoga routine to wrap up the evenings. Flexibility is important, I know, but I am just not great at doing it on my own and my little yoga video helps. I just wonder if the difference between working out in the morning and then doing the majority of my stretching at night is harmful or just plain weird.

Thanks for reading and again, I welcome any and all suggestions......

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Hey gang! Just wanted to post some information about my food today in the spirit of owning up and recording, tracking regularly.

Here's the meal plan and nutritional summary for the day;


1 cup egg whites scrambles with
1 slice FF TJ's Swiss cheese
2 Morning Star Farms Breakfast Patties (yum!)


2/3 Cup TJ's Granola
1/2 Cup TJ's Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt


Turkey and Swiss on
Flax Bread with
Spicy mustard
(I ran out of lettuce and tomato....boring!)

150 grams of carrots
2 tbsp hummus


8 large shrimp
2 cups asparagus (frozen)
Mixed up stir fry style. I will of course add garlic, some oil and some soy, so my information on dinner is not 100% complete.

Also I have stowed away with me 1/4 cup of whole almonds, just in case I get the munchies at work and they may work themselves into the plan somewhere so they are included in the nutritional summary below;

1488 calories
122 grams protein
130 grams carbs
54 grams lipids


Vitamins 95% (just low on D)
Minerals 95% (low on iron and potassium)

So, I am very happy with these numbers. My macro nutrient ratio is looking better all the time as I reduce my crappy carbs (bagels, breads, pasta, etc.) and my vitamins are up. I am able to find where I am low easier and make the necessary corrections.

I am also very happy with my exercise routine. Working out in the mornings is great. I usually do an hour on the elliptical machine, keep my resistance and pace up and burn around 600 calories (though I have been told those machines lie, I like to use that number to at least see improvement, up from around 400 calories per hour).

Strength training is next for me. I want to do some serious research and really learn how to do it right.

In other news, I am finally getting around to reading Food Politics. Didn't I hear some good discussion about this book this past winter? Thoughts?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back from Sickville

So all last week I was pretty sick. Didn't post, because I felt really crappy. Being sick, I didn't go to the gym and didn't spend as much time and effort on eating well. I didn't do all too bad, but nothing to brag about either.

I can feel myself getting stronger, though and that is good. Stronger in body and mind. I am getting back into my routine life of attempting CR. I still find myself trying to cut corners and justifying a bagel for breakfast, etc, but at least I have chilled out on the beers and pizza and exercise has begun to become something I really enjoy.

More post to come!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Understanding Fat

Hey guys! Thanks for all the great comments yesterday. I appreciate the support and feed back. Now I need to pick your brains about fat!

Here's my plan for the day;


1/2 toasted bagel with
2 tbsp hummus
sliced tomato
1/2 avocado
Large iced Coffee with milk and sugar


1/4 almonds


Toasted whole wheat bagel with
4 slices turkey
2 slices muenster
1/2 cup dannon light and fit yogurt


150 grams carrots
2 tbsp hummus


125 grams boiled chicken breast
1.5 cups steamed cabbage with
1/2 cup asparagus
1/2 cup chopped red pepper

Here's the crunch:

1752 calories
108 grams of protein (only 87% goal)
182 grams of carbs (140% goal)
71 grams lipids (146% goal)

My ratio is 24/40/36

90% vitamins - really low on B12 and Vitamin D

96% minerals - 75% on potassium

I am worried about my macro nutrient ratios. Any advice on this. Is that much fat bad, even though the majority of the fat I am taking in is good fats. I am really low on saturated and cholesterol. Should I worry?

I should also add that I am working out. I know there are a lot of carbs, but I think I need them based on my work out. Today I did one hour on the elliptical machine, burning around 500 calories. I would like to keep up that volume of exercise, but then should I change my calories and macro nutrient targets. Anyone have some sort of height, weight, exercise calculator?